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frequently asked questions

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the nature of Ving Tsun
the history of Ving Tsun
studying Ving Tsun
the Kung Fu Video Shop website

the nature of Ving Tsun

What is Ving Tsun Kung Fu?
Ving Tsun Kung Fu is an ancient martial art that has been preserved and passed down through generations in its authentic form. It is a complete traditional system of training.

How is Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu different
from other martial arts?
Most martial arts are practiced as sports, and students of these arts are required to demonstrate their fighting abilities in competition. Ving Tsun, on the other hand, is not a sport, and students in Moy Yat schools aren't expected to compete in tournaments.

While it's typical for other martial arts schools to charge fees for rank promotions, there are no belt ranks or achievement tests in Moy Yat Kung Fu schools. In contrast to the strict military-style hierarchy and protocol common in other martial arts, students generally interact in a relaxed and informal way at schools in the Moy Yat family.

What are some of the principles of Ving Tsun?
Ving Tsun trains the martial artist in "Centerline Theory." Through forms and drills the hands are conditioned to occupy the body's centerline, the best position from which to attack and defend. Economy of motion, simultaneous attack and defense, and relaxation are also at the heart of the Ving Tsun system.

From what language does the terminology
of Ving Tsun originate?
The Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language. Many Cantonese sounds can't be accurately represented with the English alphabet. Different authors may use different English letters to represent the same Cantonese sound, so you may see a term spelled several ways. For example, the "moving the horse" drill may be written as toi ma, toy ma, toy mah, and tsui ma.

How is "Ving Tsun" pronounced?
It's commonly pronounced "wing chun" in America although this is only an approximation of the Cantonese pronunciation.

the history of Ving Tsun

Where was Ving Tsun created?
Southern China.

When did Ving Tsun originate?
About four hundred years ago.

Who is the founder of Ving Tsun?
Yim Ving Tsun.

Who was a Grand Master of Ving Tsun in modern times?
Grand Master Moy Yat.

studying Ving Tsun

What are the benefits of studying kung fu?
Kung fu offers a way to maintain health and fitness while learning effective self-defense. Although the public primarily thinks of kung fu as a way of fighting, Ving Tsun also promotes personal growth, and its principles apply to all aspects of life.

What do you do in kung fu class?
In a typical kung fu class students warm up by playing forms. Then they pair off and play various two-person drills, switching partners occasionally so each student has the opportunity to train with different people. Some classes include group conditioning workouts with stretching, punching, and kicking exercises. Since taking breaks is also an important part of training, students rest several times during class.

Is kung fu hard to learn?
Not at all! Ving Tsun drills are simple and easy to play. One of the amazing things about Ving Tsun is that it teaches advanced martial arts principles and techniques through exercises that anyone can learn to practice in no time.

How long does it take to become an expert in Ving Tsun?
Anyone who trains dilligently can become an expert in Ving Tsun in a relatively short time. During the first few years of study, the student is opened up to forms and drills that lay the foundation for advanced training. After completing this basic program, the student becomes an instructor in their school. Everyone learns at their own pace in Moy Yat Kung Fu schools.

Why is Ving Tsun a good martial art for women to study?
Ving Tsun doesn't rely on strength, so it's ideal for both women and men of any stature. In fact, the Ving Tsun system was developed and founded by a woman, Yim Ving Tsun, hundreds of years ago and has been preserved and passed down through generations in its authentic form.

Can kids learn kung fu?
Yes! Kung fu is a lot of fun for kids. There are children's programs at several schools in the Moy Yat family.

How can I learn kung fu?
First, check our listing of Moy Yat schools and contacts. If you live near enough to train at one of our locations, call for an appointment. To get a free week of classes at participating branches, print out our coupon and present it when you visit us. You can still learn kung fu if you don't live near one of our schools. (See the paragraph below.)

Do Ving Tsun students learn to use weapons?
At relatively advanced stages of training, students may train with the kwan (pole) and bot jom doa (knives).

What training equipment is used in a kung fu school?
Two training tools commonly used in Ving Tsun schools are the sao bow, a sand bag for punching, and the muk yan jong, a wooden dummy. Schools with yards sometimes also have a field of gerk jong, wooden poles and stumps used for moving and kicking exercises. Kung fu is generally not trained with props that are commonly used in other martial arts such as padded floors and protective body armor.

What kind of uniforms do kung fu students wear?
The uniforms worn by kung fu students are similar to informal street clothes. The typical outfit includes a t-shirt decorated with the Moy family crest, lightweight pants similar to jogging pants, and thin-soled shoes. After students have been training for some time they often practice in street clothes instead of the uniform. You can order Moy Yat school t-shirts online or by mail through the Kung Fu Video Shop.

the Kung Fu Video Shop website

How can I find what I'm looking for efficiently
at this website?
You can use the alphabetical list of our website's contents in the site index to jump to any part of the Kung Fu Video Shop. Plus, our site map allows you to navigate using a graphic outline of our site, and our search engine can retrieve a list of pages relevant to a keyword you type in.

I'm having trouble viewing or listening to your video, sound,
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We've provided all these files in the QuickTime video format, so your best bet is to download and install the current version of QuickTime (about 3MB for Macintosh computers, slightly more for Wintel). This will provide your internet browser with the correct plug-in and player application for experiencing all the multimedia on the Kung Fu Video Shop website. You may have technical problems if you try to view our files using multimedia players other than QuickTime.

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